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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking.

Originally Posted by Riddler
Now I got my profile set up... my quit time is in about 30 minutes.

right on.. it's just cool to see how much $ you're saving and everything.
I actually opened up a separate savings "tobacco$" account. And I actually got addicted to saving money for a while. It was crazy. I never have had that before. Within 8 months I had several thousand (for real) and bought a truck.
If I was still smoking I would not have my truck. That's a fact. The more money I saw going into that account the more I wanted to put in. It really was a different feeling for me.

Quitnet has lots of support there. I've spent a little time in the chat rooms there and the people are supportive. There is also "expert chats" like quiting classes that you can partake in. I really mostly just liked the stats it provided.
You can set it to automatically e-mail you your stats everyday or every week or whatever..

I hope you quit dude..
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