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Default Re: everything done prerose was perfect

Originally Posted by VishaltotheG
No, actually we lucked out in trading Lamarcus Aldridge, 2 years later we get the number one pick that we weren't supposed to get (1.7% chance?). So I'd say if anything, it was fate that got Rose here.

This. It was insane luck that we got the #1 pick. The Heat might have taken Beasley over Rose anyway though, if we got the #2 pick. But it's lame to speculate.

Bulls did macguyver the salary cap pretty well to make a run at this point though. Hopefully they aren't stingy with the money now. . .since the Bulls OBVIOUSLY have been raking in profit hand over fist for years now. I fully expect. . .borderline demand, that they use as much money as possible soon to make the best team we can get.
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