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Default Re: NASCAR and INDY CAR series

Originally Posted by Timmeh
I'm not a big fan of Danica, and not because she's a girl, but because she seems to get a little fiesty whenever she thinks another driver does something wrong, not to mention the media has shoved enough of her down my throat for one lifetime.

As for a NASCAR race, I think you do need to go to a track that has a little more speed. I went to a race in Darlington, SC when I was around 10 and there is nothing like car after car going by you at 160mph+. So I definitely recommend trying a Charlotte race. Don't the Indy guys race there? Or used to?

I agree that Danica has a real attitude problem toward other drivers when she races. My favorite female driver is Simona de Silvestro and my least favorite is Milka Duno. Duno just seems so full of herself and I don't know why. I'm not sure she's ever finished better than last place. Somewhere I have a list of where the Indy Car Izod series races and I don't remember if there are any races in NC. Strange news re: Daytona. Earnhardt Jr. was supposed to start at the pole on Sunday but he crashed today and now will start the race in last place. Who knows. Maybe it'll save his life.
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