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Default David Stern: All NBA Players Can Sign In Europe If There Is A Lockout

Some of the main topics Stern addressed during the interview include:

Whether the NBA will try to prevent locked-out players such as Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki, while still under contract to their NBA teams, from playing abroad during a potential work stoppage

"If, in fact, there's a lockout, then the player is free during the course of the lockout to do what he wants to do if his contract is in effect. I don't want to play that game with anybody. ... If we have a collective bargaining arrangement with the union and there's a lockout, then last time around [in 1998] players were free to do what they're going to do, because they've been locked out."


Once again, all the NBA only fans here get exposed with their NBA fairy tale myths that, "NBA players can't sign in Europe during the lockout if they are under contract.'

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