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Default Re: David Stern: All NBA Players Can Sign In Europe If There Is A Lockout

Originally Posted by bdreason
This doesn't change the fact that the leagues are going to respect each others contracts. If FIBA starts poaching NBA players during a lockout, then the NBA will never honor FIBA contracts again. I doubt FIBA Basketball is looking to go to war with the NBA.

Now that I think about it, the NBA would probably love it if FIBA ignored their contracts and let a few guys play in Europe during a lockout. This would mean the NBA is free to poach players from around the world without worrying about their contracts.
nope. IIRC nba contracts are under fiba jurisdiction, as fiba doesnt actually run any of the leagues. but thats besides the point. The nba players are not under contract in the event of a lockout. it would be the same as nba players signing foreign ballers who's contracts had expired or under a lockout.
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