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Default Re: David Stern: All NBA Players Can Sign In Europe If There Is A Lockout

Originally Posted by boozehound
nope. IIRC nba contracts are under fiba jurisdiction, as fiba doesnt actually run any of the leagues. but thats besides the point. The nba players are not under contract in the event of a lockout. it would be the same as nba players signing foreign ballers who's contracts had expired or under a lockout.
actually they are still under contract, they are considered valid in the case of a lockout... the only way the contracts can be voided is if the union decertifies itself, then if the contracts were actually void, then the players would lose their health insurance and any money in the pension funds the owners have addd to

this was an area of contention in the last nfl strike and a court upheld that despite there being a lockout all parties were still held to any contracts they were under... strikes and lockouts are treated as work stoppages not actions that void past deals made because the lockout or strike concerns the future
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