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Default Should we be skeptic, optimistic or flat out going insane?

In the first game of the season we were a rebuilding team with a new head coach, a new system and a number of new members in our staff.

In the first game of the season we had a core of five players set and eight new additions to the roster.

In the first game of the season we were unable to utilize our biggest offseason move and as soon as we got him right back one of the most influential core players fell down due to another injury.

In the first game of the season we started a young talented yet unproven PG, a journeyman 12th man SG, an inconsistent injury-prone SF, a 2nd year 2nd round pick PF and a flamboyant unpredictable C.

So, at the All-Star Break and considering our current record and overall play I must question you my fellow Bull:

Should we be skeptic (2nd round exit against MIA/BOS at best), optimistic (all the way to the ECF against MIA/BOS) or flat out going insane (DRose=Jordan, Deng=Pippen, Noah=Rodman, Thibs=Phil, next decade dynasty beatches!!!)?
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