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Default Re: Should we be skeptic, optimistic or flat out going insane?

Originally Posted by Undisputed
I'm just enjoying the ride so far. It has been an amazing 54 games, and I really believe in this roster.

Whatever happens this season, it has already been far more entertaining than anything in the past 10 plus years.
same here, Im also really enjoying the ride, watching them play the "right way", helping each other on defense, good ball rotation etc, I watched the game vs the Spurs 3 x, my wife is getting sick of it. lol.
But hey, their success kinda numb the pain in watching how my other team the Lakers treat the regular season.
Going back to the Bulls, their 2 games vs Miami, Orlando and Boston should be a better gauge on how they would fare in the playoffs. In the meantime, Im relaxing and enjoying the journey

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