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Default Re: Should we be skeptic, optimistic or flat out going insane?

Originally Posted by Crystallas
I don't like this bandwagon mentality. Either you're a fan, or your're not.

If you think we need to win a championship to go insaine. GTFO. Otherwise, you should already be going insaine. The Bulls have been damn fun to watch since Hinrich was drafted, let alone now when they are 100x better. This team is the real deal. Even with Bogans, we have a shot to win a title. Underdog? Yes. In the conversation to win a ring? Yes.

I've been in the Bulls bandwagon since Jordan. I was 10 then. I'm not from Chicago or even from America so I have no regional attachment. I have no 2nd favorite team. I suffered in awe the beginning of the last decade. I wanted Curry/Chandler project to be successful. I experienced the excitement of Kirk/Gordon/Deng playoff runs.

What I'm asking is simple. It has nothing to do with fun. Bullls always will be fun to me. It has to do with our personal expectations for the next years.
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