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Default The Future of the Knicks

With the potential trade of Melo to the Knicks, let us look at the future of the Knicks.

Currently we have the fourth youngest team in the league.

We have some nice pieces in Gallinari, Fields, Chandler, Felton, Mozgov, and of course Stoudemire.

We also have good young reserves such as Williams, Walker, AR, and Rautins.

If we get Melo, the team gets more experience and offensive talent, but it changes the spectrum of the players.

The overlying questions is which would you prefer?

A Young team which can grow together with the veteran presence of Stoudemire ....???


A 2- Star Lead team, while losing some of the younger players????

I will save my comments as the thread progresses.

Feel free to get as boisterous as you want, just don't diss posters guys.

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