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Default Re: The Future of the Knicks

I choose "A 2- Star Lead team, while losing some of the younger players????".

I'm ok with trading Gallinari and Chandler for Melo.
Chandler would be gone anyways and Gallinari maybe won't develop as much as we need.

With Melo and Stoudemire we could attract many free agents and possibly another superstar.

I like our young core.
We have Fields(22) who is a very good shooter,excellent rebounder and a complete player.He does many things for our team and he could develop nicely.

Mozgov(24) has potential but he needs to develop much.
He has size and that's the most important thing.
He has nice mid-range jumpshot but he needs to improve his defense as well as his hands.

Douglas(24) is a good shooter and very energetic defender.
Williams(25) and Walker(23) are both very good shooters.
Williams is also nice defender.

We have nice young core but we need to sign a good defensive center.
From all young guys I expect most from Fields and Mozgov,I don't think Williams and Walker can develop into solid starters.

Mozgov is the key for our success.
If he could develop into a good starting center we would have a really strong team.
Offensive powerhouses in Melo and Amare,guy who can do everything in Fields and a center who is 7'1 with solid defensive and offensive skills.

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