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Default Re: The Future of the Knicks

Well we all know how I feel.Bottom line is,you can find a Gallo,Chandler and Fields again through the draft and Free Agency.You can't find another Melo. Point blank period.I really would like to keep everyone but not @ the expense of losing Melo.Whoever get's Melo more than likely gets either Paul or DWill. Then we have to worry about if Orlando clearing cap and trying to get the other to please Dwight.It's already obvious their GM (Otis Thorpe) is way more proactive and will go out on a limb to try and show his star player his willingness to surround him with talent.Something that can't exactly be said about Walsh.I'm so tired of Walsh being pat on the back for clearing cap space.It's not like we have the lowest salary in the league.We aren't the only team with cap space and Miami showed last year you can get cap space in less than a week.As long as there are teams like the Wizards dumb enough to take on crazy contracts.It only takes one fool.

Ideally,I would like to trade everyone except Fields.I think Chandler is the more talented outta the bunch but he's an upcoming free agent AND we don't utilize him properly anyway.Besides,Chandler and Gallo are SF.So is Melo. Ya boy Mikey D will be tryna play small ball and start Melo @ PF.You know he'll do anything to have Gallo on the court at all times lol.I don't mind giving them Felton.They need to give us more than Billups though if they want four starters back.
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