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Default Re: The Future of the Knicks

Originally Posted by Rameek
Your limiting the options here. If you lose Curry contract/Chandler or Gallinari and a pick which Walsh was pushing for then its fine. When you make a deal that you lose most of your starting significant young contributers for one guy its a problem.

Chandler, Gallinari, Felton turns into

Fields, Mosgov, Turiaf, Shawn, Walker, Rautins, Douglas plus Melo and Stat and Billups.

Until recently how many of these guys have been in the rotation consistently with significant minutes the whole year.

How you improve this team from this point on will be difficult. There isnt much to trade on the roster already but if the Dolan deal gets done there isnt anything else worth a pot to piss in. Like I keep mentioning the CAP is going to go down predicted by most people significantly.

Had the cap predictions went higher to 60mill then my view would be different because 46 mill tied up in Melo and Stat you will still have room to find players but if it drops man things get tricky.

This deal gets done by Dolan and they cut off Walsh's and Dumbtoni's balls in the process might mean we all get our wish with a complete shake up on the bench and the FO....???

It's basically Felton+Gallinari for Billups and Melo.
Am I satisfied with it ? Yes

Curry and Chandler won't be here next year.

We can always sign players to fill our rotation and D'Antoni anyways uses only a few players.

It's not such a big deal to find role players and I don't know why you worship our role players so much.
Not like we have Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan on the bench

With Melo and Stoudemire we can attract much more good role players/stars than with Stoudemire and role players.

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