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Default Re: The Future of the Knicks

Championship teams dont fall from the sky neither do superstars. I dont view Melo as a superstar in the same breath as Kobe, Wade, LBJ, etc... He is an ELITE scorer.

Having Gallo or Melo neither is going to get the Knicks to champioship right away.

Obviously you must have a magic wand where you can BUY all the players necessary to build a championship with no homegrown drafted talent.

By the way it was mentioned before how the Celtics acquired Ray and Garnett. But they also had Rondo, Perkins, Big Baby that they drafted.

I dont remember how many teams bought a whole roster and won a championship.

Originally Posted by Clutch
Do you really think it's easier to find superstar like Melo than 2 role players ?

Superstars don't fall from sky.

You are talking about Denver and their success.
Let's discuss it.
Did they ever have a guy like Amare next to Anthony ?
I don't think so.
Also they had a lot of problems with injuries.

They made WCF once,be sure that we won't made ECF with Amare and bunch of role players.

It's not an easy thing to build a championship team,very few teams can be serious contenders.
And you must realize that Knicks will be more successful with Melo than with Gallo.

I don't say we will have instant championship team if we get Melo.
I know we won't have a championship team this year,probably even next year.
But for a few years maybe we will have.
Please concentrate and tell me will we at least have opportunity to be contenders in 2 years with Gallo instead of Melo on the roster ?
I don't think so.
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