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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Nets meeting with Melo tonight!

Originally Posted by Pokerface
WoJo of Yahoo Sports also just reported this meeting on Hoopsworld. Damn, this is confusing and nerve wracking. It's time for someone to s@@t or get off the stool.
But it could be possible that Denver convinced Melo to just meet with NJ to make NY sweat a bit. I think Melo doesn't want to go, but Denver is trying to up NY (or a rental team)'s offer by making it appear they have other options. Then again if we find out that Melo says flat out NO to Prok then NY isn't as pressured (although they still have to make a legit offer, unlike what some arrogant Knicks fans think COUGH- KNicksfever2010- COUGH b/c Denver could just hold onto Melo and hope for the extension to be signed or a franchise tag)
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