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Default Re: The Future of the Knicks

Rameek you really cant compare this situation to anything over the last 10 years.We've never had two players as good as Melo n Stat on the same team since maybe the 70's

N Rondo,Perkins and Big Baby were scrubs b4 the big 3 got there and the truth will come to light when they retire.Rondo is the most overrated player in the league.As for not drafting guys,in the Melo deal,we aren't giving up a pick really.We're giving up one we'd acquire via Anthony Randolph.It's not like we're squandering our own pick.Besides,our pick isn't completely our pick anyway.

At the end of the day,if the Knicks can keep Fields,I think it's not only a good deal but it's a steal.Essentially,if you give up Gallo and Chandler,you're giving up backups.Sure they start now,but if we waited and signed Melo in Free Agency this summer,neither of those guys would be starting unless D'Antoni is just out of his mind and stubborn.So essentially your giving up your 6th and 7th men.Furthermore,who even knows if Chandler will want to re-sign.We kinda did him dirty.He never plays the right position.He always gets overlooked and we bench him even when he's playing good.Furthermore,he's been the topic of trade discussions all year pretty much AND I'm still not convinced D'Antoni didn't force him to sit out and exaggerate his injury because he was slumping.
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