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Default Re: The Future of the Knicks

Alright here I go...ready to chime in.

I am fully on board with the 2 star approach, then fill out the roster.

I'm not knocking the youth movement, unless you do a full rebuilding and that will include stinking it up literally to the tune of multiple lotto picks and hope they grow.

The 2 star approach will get you there, as long as pieces that compliment can be put around them.

I will even go as far as to say now a days it will take 2 stars and a borderline at the minimum.

So since Walsh decided to take the 2 star approach lets look at how it works.

Stat and "Melo".....

Both are scorers, average on defense.

How do you surround them?

Stat needs an enforcer type to protect him up front.

Do we have one of them currently? Not really, but we have someone who is homegrown in Mozgov.

But either way we can draft or acquire, we have the option for both if more is needed.

With the second scorer who is his protector?

Once again someone who will not need to ball to contribute.

Now that can be homegrown, because we currently have one in Fields.

Fields is a very good go-between from the forwards and guards.

Moz may develop into that guy that mans the paint and leave room for Amar'e to do what he does best.

Now who runs the offense?

A player who only shoots to keep the defense honest, not a PG looking for his shot, but he has to be a very efficient shooter.

We don't have that at all right now, so that player may have to be acquired (Billups) or drafted.

What kind of bench is needed?

Real simple and I will not get into detail with this one because I think it self explanatory......

Players who can hit a set shot and tempo controllers.

To be honest we have that, primarily in Shawne, TD, Walker, Turiaf.
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