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Default Re: Keith Bogans has scored...

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Wait a minute now. You can't fault Asik for being a rookie. You also can't asume Courtney Lee will get us any further in the playoffs this year, than what the Bulls can do already, including what they can do with Asik next year + that SG upgrade we have been begging for.

Nobody can assume anything, even you who really thinks they can get an SG upgrade next year. But I strongly believe that Lee is much quicker with his feet to keep in step with the best/very fast SGs like Ray Allen, Wade etc as compared to Bogans and Brewer plus he is also a better shooter than Bogans and Brewer from the perimeter.
Im with the majority here who beleives that Bogans is more of a bench/minor player, unfortunately Brewer and Korver are also more fit as bench players.
I don't dislike Asik but the reality is, he is a 3rd string center behind Noah and the veteran Kurt Thomas. If I have my way, ill offer 2-3 future first rounders before I let go of Omar and ofcourse if Thibs don't think Courtney Lee is the answer, then Im fine with it. All I hope and pray is that Thibs is being consulted by these roster decisions.
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