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Default Re: Settle Down Curry

He was asked a question, he answered it.

It wasn't like he held a press conference to announce this.

He was asked a question, he answered it.

The media runs with it and makes it headlines. It's their attempt to sell newspapers.

Was like the Marbury quote last year, when he said he felt he was the best point guard in the game. He was crucified for that. WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT HIM TO SAY, "OH JOLLY GEE WIZ I HOPE THAT JASON KIDD DOESN'T EMBARASS ME ON THE COURT HE'S SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME."?

Marbury was being real. He'd better think he's the best point guard in the game when he takes the court.

He was honest and they crucified him for it.

Today Mike "Old Man" Lupica got on his high horse and ripped James Dolan for smiling.

NY Daily News should be appologizing to the people of NY for all those fuzzy color pictures they've been inflicting on us the last 10 years. They used to call themselves "NY's Picture Newspaper". Then they got hosed with some Rockwell color printers that don't work; they paid in the millions. They've probably cost millions of NY'ers their eyesight.

Have no idea how they're still in business. With NY Post cleaning their clock on a daily basis, and AMNY and NY Metro, how the heck could Lupica and the News be in business? That's what Lupica should be telling us, instead of heaping more crap on James Dolan.

Never liked Dolan, but when he stood up for the players and fired Larry Brown's ass, the guy gained my respect. Brown humiliated Ariza in the newspapers (Daily News), and Dolan took note. Told him that doesn't go on around here. Brown that creep kept doing it. Brown got his contrary ass kicked out of NY for good.

Bravo James Dolan.

Lupica is a Larry Brown stooge. He went to town on Isiah last month; painted him a clown; anyone remember?

Lupica is like a corrupt politician, using the power of the poison pen.
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