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Default Re: OT: fixing terrible work ethic

dude, i have THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM. id have a paper due that was assigned like a week or two in advance. everytime id try to start on it early, i couldnt. the stuff i wanted to write just wouldnt happen. then the night before the paper is due id write up a storm in like 2 hours.

i dont know how to solve this problem either. i just take it with stride and have come to terms with it that i will always be a procrastinator because thats the way i have been for long and its never been a major problem.

i have some crazy procrastination stories....

one time i had a paper due on friday, so thursday night i sat down to start on it and crap, i didnt have the book. so friday morning i drove to school at 8am bought the book from the bookstore, skimmed through 40 pages and turned in a 4 page paper at 11:20am. got a B- on it so i was happy.

another time i went to class happy because i actually did my work in advance. i sit down and everyone pulls out internet articles. i ask the girl next to me whats going on and she said we have an internet assignment due. i run to the library, log in, find an article, print it out, write a 1 1/2 page summary on it and run back to class in 30 mins. that was probably my alltime best procrastination story.
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