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Default Re: OT: fixing terrible work ethic

Originally Posted by sydneyking
Mods please move this to the "premenstrual whiny rant" forum.

The annoying response I get from you shows why you are a much poorer poster than the ones who responded well.

Thanks for the inputs, they all are mini-solutions, except for gorapz'. Why? I usually just say **** it I'll do it after. I'm so bad at that, that on Sunday mornings before a 1 o'clock game I won't do ****, even if I get up early.

Creating a schedule and getting small things done is a good idea. I try to do that, but I think now I am going to make even smaller goals. I'd say doing a lot of, to enumerate it, 5% goals is better than doing a few 25% goals then blowing off the schedule. Shooting slump? Get some easy lay-ups.
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