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Default Re: Keith Bogans has scored...

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I consider Asik one of the borderline main guys in my opinion. This is because Kurt Thomas may more than likely retire at the end of this season or maybe have just one more year in him. Asik can be a long term backup for Noah and that's something that we need. If we can keep him then that's something we won't have to worry about for a long time. But like I said if we can move him for a player who is a clear cut upgrade then I strongly consider it.
Agreed. Asik has mad potential, looking at the longterm. Our core, as it stands, is pretty young:

Rose: 22
Deng: 25
Booze: 29
Noah: 25

Asik & Taj are under 25 as well. I don't think you want to part with either one because, honestly, that's one of the best pairs of bench big men in the league. I can easily see Taj being groomed to take over for Boozer after he leaves (whenever that is) KT is probably gone after this year as well.

So, IMO, if Bogans can put up 6-8 points a game and hit his open shots... You can't find an upgrade worth making. Having the depth that Taj/Asik give you for now and the future >> a slight upgrade at SG (assuming you'd have to part with Taj/Asik).

So, really, the only upgrade I'm FOR is trading draft picks for a guy like Anthony Park or Courtney Lee.
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