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Default Re: Now There's Gordon & Stuckey Trade Rumors..

Originally Posted by Kombo
I'd trade Stuckey / Prince for Josh Smith, throw in Wilcox too for Maurice Evans so they can keep a big.

Though Atlanta would never do this.

I think that'd be a solid starting front court though: Daye, Smith and Monroe. All excel at different things and could cover up each other's weaknesses.

Just a dream.

I'd take Smith in a second too. Unfortunately it's Williams contract they are trying to move.... We really need to hope for the best draft pick possible. Some people have us taking Harrison Barnes. I like it because it would be the player with the most upside. It would be awesome if we were really bad and could move up to get someone like Perry Jones or Kyrie Irving. Not that I want the team to suck but I just don't see how they're going to be a legit contender without drafting someone who could turn into a star. There's just nobody out there who's going to come to a team that's losing and has a coach that none of the players like without over paying them.....
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