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Originally Posted by scipio
You got 18 of 30 right? I have a hard time believing that, personally.

I said (from memory):

1. MIL- Andrew Bogut
2. ATL- Chris Paul
3. POR- Martell Webster
4. NOH- Marvin Williams
5. CHA- Raymond felton
6. UTH- Deron Williams
7. TOR- Danny Granger
8. NYK- Channing Fye
9. GST- Andrew Bynum
10. LAL- Ike Diogu
11. ORL- Gerald Green
12. LAC- Yaroslav Korolev
13. CHA- Antoine Wright
14. MIN- Rashad McCants

Ok thats 7 for 14 and it gradually gets worse fro memory, but thats probably one of the better percentages out of ISHers. I also predicted Ryan Gomes being a 1st rounder so that mucked things up. I also had Randolph Morris as a 1st rounder :confused:
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