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Post Re: Official Thread: Brainstorm your thoughts/ideas on 2/21/10 Knicks Roster

Don't get me wrong i still think Knicks got raped.

Not long ago, Knicks fans were arguing who we should trade, Gallo or Chandler, Gallo is better he should stay, but if we trade gallo we can keep Chandler bla, bla, bla... guess what? Knicks traded both... plus Mozgov... plus 3 picks...

Some Nuggets representative already came public saying they would have probably accepted the trade without Mozgov, and Nets owner are a happy man because he made the Knicks overpay.

I just hope that Melo acknowledge what the Knicks did, and takes a paycut so that the Knicks have better chances to build a good team. For that to happen it's needed someone from the Knicks to point that out, but if it's really Dolan and Isiah calling the shots now, they are too dumb to think about that.

Said that, rotation not so bad has i thought:

Billups \ Douglas \ Rautins \ Carter
Fields \ Azubuike \ Walker \ Mason Jr.
Melo \ Brewer \ Walker
Stoudamire \ Shawne \ Balkman
Turiaf \ Barron \ Shelden

High hopes for Azubuike, he needs to get HEALTHY, this guy scored 17ppg in 26 minutes in GSW, he can give what the Knicks missed all season, firepower to the second unit.

Lets go Knicks !
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