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Default Re: Official Thread: Brainstorm your thoughts/ideas on 2/21/10 Knicks Roster

Originally Posted by Draz
3 Youngsters down from the big 9 man deal leading Carmelo to the NY Knicks. As we celebrate, we think to ourselves, well, some thought about the negativity he brings, others rejoice in their laughter & pride of our teams future progress. What happens after Carmelo Anthony joins the Knicks. The chemistry between Amar'e & him, what about Billups & Amare. What will this team be like, what about the players we braught into our team.

Repped. Good stuff.

We weren't going to keep Chandler - I agree there. He's going to be an important piece somewhere. His jump shot was coming along despite him not havng the summer to work on it. There is a bitter taste in my mouth that the Nets will likely end up with Mozgov because they played the role of distraction. Center is really a bad position for us but it is for a lot of teams. We could have really used him. Gallo can go either way and I believe he finds his way back.

We had chemistry issues to start the year off. It wasn't until Amare's leadership took over. Now we have Billups who is great at bringing teams together. Our biggest problem is that we aren't greatly constructed to match the coach. Infact we are a kind of odd ball jigsaw puzzle:We have great post and post up players. But Amare will be out of position again. Rebounds are a curiosity, Field's our best rebounder coming from the shooting guard position.

We are bigger than average at the smaller positions and smaller than average at the big positions, yet we block shots. We have three very good postseason players but I can't say we know what our defense will be like. We will have to rebound by committee. Our old Baklman would be a great bench player as he gels in and fills holes... his game now? Brewer can be a serious contribitor when the game slows down and the playoffs begin. D'Antoni coachig prowess will be taxed.

All of this to say one more trade will have to happen to smooth out some inconsistencies. I do think we are at that square one again: Who are we?
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