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Default Re: Why do you guys want Courtney Lee so much?

Originally Posted by DRoseOwnsACamry
He's... Not that good, and won't make us a contender...

on 42% shooting... Once again, not good.

I'd MUCH rather have Afflalo

on 50% shooting, and a better young talent.

Its so retarded when ppl compare Lee and Affalo. First look at Lee's stats his ROOKIE year. 46% field 40% 3PT 83% FT and he was what the 4th scoring option? Second year he goes to NJ and automatically becomes the 2nd scoring option on one of the worst teams in the league. Then goes to Houston and is a bench player. This kid has had no stability but still when he gets starters mins in houston he lights it up. Affalo didnt even get noticed until he went to Denver where he became a 4th scoring option on a good team. Affalo is playing well and what makes ppl think Lee cant play as well as Affalo if Lee is on the bulls. Lee would be the 4th scoring option and he would get WIDE OPEN shots. Not to mention lee is a scorer and can put the ball on the floor. Its going to be interesting to see how Afflalo does without having carmelo and chauncey. I think his efficiency goes down and he def wont score as much.
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