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Default Re: What game did you finish?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Alpha Protocol. I give it a 7/10. It would've been a great ps2 game. It needed way more polish and improved AI. I had fun playing it.

I was sooo temted to snag this up used for 20 bucks, but was still sitting on Mass Effect 2, and my second playthrough of Crackdown (one of the funnest "Mess Around" games ever).

Just finished Red Dead Redemption. Bought it used a couple months ago. Now going for the 100% completion. Just have 14 bounties left to do for that.

Incredible game though. I don't know why I never got around to playing it when it came out but this was an amazing experience with near-perfect storytelling. It's weird that even though most of the missions are very similar, the game never got boring due to the really well designed world you're exploring. This is where GTA 4 missed the mark a bit for me. I found Liberty City to be kinda boring at times.

This is one of the few things that kept me away from this game.

1-I wasn't really feeling the "foreigner trying to find his way in the world" premise

2-The driving wasn't tight enough (there's no shame in a car handling "Arcadey" if it makes driving fun)

3-Liberty City is just played out now lol.

I was thinking Rockstar should base the next game in Chicago during the 90s or something. Have you be a Brotha again, dealing with gangs on the tier above the common street thugs (rocking suits, nice faded haircut, and Goatee). Brothas here are known for being smooth as opposed to abrasive and pushy.

The Chi has some of the best Expressways in the country, along with a great sports history (they could have 2 rival pro baseball teams literally trying to kidnap and kill each other for a chance at a World Series title lol).

And of course, you gotta have a "Stepping" mini game in there. This is THE trademark dance of Chicago.
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