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Originally Posted by Jasi
So the Knicks still have their 2011 draft pick at least (even though the Rockets have the right to swap it).
I have read this draft class is not deep at all.

How about the position that is the biggest hole for us now?

Is there any decent prospect at the C?

Center, I'm not sure but there is a certain Point Guard that I would LOVE to see the Knicks get in the draft. Jimmer Freddete. I think he would be a very good back-up point guard and with the way he plays, having D'Antoni as a coach can't hurt his developtment. This guy off the bench would provide instant offense and would be a good player.

I'm going to take some guys around where were supposed to draft and post some information on them for you guys to see, so we all have a good idea on who the Knicks should take.

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