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Default Re: Knicks and Wolves deal simulated...

Originally Posted by bigdaddybluesman
Sounds like you thought this out and have some good ideas.

But in the real world it will never happen, it's all fantasy.

Teams do not trade players they trade contracts. It's all about salary and cap issues. That's one reason it's so hard to turn over a roster into something that will actually help you. Most times it just gives you a fresh group of players and you hope there is more chemistry than before.

I can't really remember a multi player trade ever really helping either team that much. Maybe someone can bring some to light here.

Usually a team is missing a key ingredient and makes a move that brings them over the top. The Pistons did that by bringing in Rasheed Wallace. He gave them the player they needed to win the championship. I really don't remember the players they gave up for him and Portland hasn't done anything positive in the playoffs with whatever they did get for him.

Good try but it's pure fantasy.

They traded him to the Hawks for some people and then the Hawks traded him for Bob Sura. I was so mad the Hawks did that because it pretty much gave the Pistons the championship in exchange for an underachieving guard whose only time he ever started was at Atlanta. But yeah, I understand where you're coming from, I tried to make it as realistic as possible but such things don't happen 90% of the time. And it might be a bad move to make right after Curry just stated that he really liked Isiah.
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