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Default Re: 1st Knick win with Melo

Two things that were NOT the same:
Rebounding was good since they out rebounded the Bucks.
PG play was better and more efficient than Felton. Chauncey was PERFECT from the foul line.
Let's not leave out that TD played great. He has a great tutor in Chauncey.

They have been together like 8-10 hours. It may take time to get accustomed to each other. They key to that will be Chauncey. D'Antoni needs to swap out Turiaf for Shelden Williams. You don't run plays for Rony anyway and he is in there for rebounding and defense. He is just no physical enough to knock someone on his ass. Matter of fact, someone get Earl Barron on the phone...Landry got chewed up tonight so I don't know why D'Antoni did not give Brewer some burn to give him a different look at times.

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