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Default Re: Amar'e Stoudemire Fan Thread

Amar'e needs to calm himself down.

Watching Melo take over in the fourth was a thing of beauty.

He was so damn mad he got the tech, he couldn't enjoy the rest of the game.

Even in his post game, he said he threw his goggles at the trainer and he was mad he fouled out.

But why do anything when you know the refs are looking?

Hell they called offensive fouls on Amar'e and Melo tonite.

Melo didn't get upset.

Think they won't give a tech for throwing shit on the floor?

Amar'e needs to calm the hell down, we need him out there not suspended.

Had the league not took two of them away, he'd be on pace for two "1" game suspensions.

He needs to "lead" the team.

He isn't doing it with stuff like this.

There is a difference between showing emotion and stupidity.

I have been ripping everybody lately.

Guys excuse me, I just know we finally have something good coming our way, and I hate to see it messed up.
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