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Default Re: OT: fixing terrible work ethic

Originally Posted by Bourne
My work ethic is flat out terrible. Heavy procrastination is involved, but it's also a huge motivation thing. I'll actually get started on something, but 3 minutes in I'll be thinking of something else, then I'll stop doing what I was doing and bog off.

When I'm in the crunch, I have the best work ethic you could have. I know it's a horrible situation to get into, but I didn't sleep from a saturday morning at 7 until the next monday night because I had big project due. My nonexistant ability to work without immense pressure drives me bonkers. Don't get me wrong, I have never missed a deadline since gr. 10 when I didn't give a ****, nor have I ever blew off tests, exams, midterms etc..

Does anyone else have this problem? If you have been able to fix it, how did you do it?

Any advice appreciated.

You really just described my work habits perfectly. I never miss deadlines, and usually hand in really good work, but it's all done at the last possible minute. I'll wait to do culminating projects til like 9:00 pm the day before it's due. It usually results in me staying up til like 3 or 4 am, but I've always done really well on them. I suppose I just need the pressure to complete it in order to get myself to do it. I imagine this will really screw me over in University, but I got through high school with relative ease, so we'll see how it translates.

I don't know how you fix it unfortunately, or I would have done it for myself already, you just have to have the discipline to get the work done, or set up a system where you can do it in parts so that the overall workload is spread out. I personally like how I operate, other people panic and fold when they get pressed with stress, but I'm really care free and don't mind the pressure at all, I find I do my best work when I'm under the pressure of a deadline, I guess it allows me to think clearly.

It may be just how you are as a person, I'm not exactly sure if it can be fixed, it can be improved, but probably not fixed. I would guess that I'll probably manage things a bit better in University, but I can't imagine me not leaving things late, it's just how I do things. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
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