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Default Re: So how are Kings fans feeling?

Eh it's looking like they're going to be the 8th seed again(which is good if you're a team on the rise but I wouldn't call the Kings that)... How I feel? I feel mediocre right now

I'm sick of hearing about whether Bibby will be traded or not in the media. I really wish the guy would just stfu. He's not helping the team any, he's playing like hot trash. Then he goes in the bee and says something like "well I have 1 bad shooting year and they decide to give up on me, then that's the way they are. Having everybody turn on me like that, it's kind of frustrating." Then like 2 weeks ago the fans were booing because the Kings were getting killed and he got pissed about that. If he wasn't playing like crap than the Kings wouldn't be in this position and the boos wouldn't have been there. He's supposed to be a good leader but he's such a bad leader, he probably couldn't lead Ron's dog to food. Don't get me wrong though, he's still a good player. He's a 2nd/3rd option on a decent team with a good PF/C. I just want him to STFU and play though.

Petrie is frustrating me. This team needs a trade. The best thing he could do is rebuild, but I don't know if I see that happening anymore. Looks like Kings management and the players want the 8th seed for some odd reason. I might as well cheer too I guess.

Ron is playing the best ball of his career(well some of it...) during the last month and a half. His trade value is probably going up because he's been shooting well, playing suffocating defense, passing, handling the ball, rebounding, and getting steals. The dog incident is bad. It seems like it might just be an accident though. I think he's probably the Kings' best trade chip.

The Kings will have to play really well if they want the 8th seed though. The schedule next month and after that is pretty brutal. Now Brad is out until the all star game. Kenny Thomas just messed up his back. Mike's playing with a sprained ankle(which probably isn't quite as bad as it sounds but still). Team is kinda injured. So it's looking like we may end up with the 12th or 13th pick which is kinda BS. They're going on a big road trip after tomorrow.

I'm impressed with Kev Martin. He's been the main bright spot for this whole season. He's probably our best offensive option. Shooting 50% on FGs, 40% on 3s, and averaging 21 PPG. He's continuing to grow, showing new moves on offense as the season goes on.

So yeah, the Kings are mediocre. They are aimed right at the 8th seed but they might fall short a bit. Am I happy they're going for the 8th seed? No. But I guess I might as well cheer anyway, whatever.
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