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Default Re: New depth chart?

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
No more GW. No more Naz. No more enthusiasm. I'm feeling ill.

I find watching Henderson playing more interesting than watching Wallace and Naz.

Plus it really is about the right time to hand Henderson more playing time, so does Tyrus too.

Now I'm just hoping Henderson can develop some range behind the 3pt line and free throw. He already has very solid midrange jump shooting ability. Typically 3pt shooting and FT are by far the easiest to train, IMO. Just look at GW, he couldn't hit 3s when he was drafted and didn't hit enough FTs as a SF. Same to Boris Diaw as well, as he learned how to shoot 3pters after several seasons.

The only thing that troubles me though is that I heard we're waiving Derrick Brown, Mcguire, and Collins, to be able to absorb Dante Cunningham, DJ White, Sean Marks, and Morris Peterson which really doesn't make much sense.

Compare Dante Cunningham, DJ White with Derrick Brown and Dominic Mcguire, ewwwww... I'm not so sure. There are both upsides and downsides...

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