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Default Re: Time to Trade Kaman

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
As for a deal for Kaman. His value is very low right now. I am sure the Clippers wouldn't mind a salary dump, but he will be expiring next year and could be a very useful asset to have. Get him healthy and raise the value, then deal him and his expiring contract for something of value in the off season or next year.

yeah i think that's what they're trying to do, because it has been proven that he and blake can't play together, so why trade him for nothing now when you can get something quality next season.

as for the baron trade, i get it after initially thinking it was horrible too. i just want to know why they chose now, after baron played his best and got the team playing their best. the season was a waste with baron playing 35+ minutes when bledsoe could have been getting valuable minutes. they are obviously trying to go forward with a lineup of bledsoe/gordon/griffin/jordan and hopefully aminu. and i like that because bledsoe is really tough and once he learns how to run a team he will be great. i just don't understand the timing of this trade, could they not have done it sooner?
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