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Default Re: Suns trade for Aaron Brooks

Originally Posted by Walker

All I can say to the Suns is WTF!

They never even gave Dragic legit minutes. He' showed in the past he can be a very capable PG....

No way in hell is Brooks gonna resign with Phoenix after this season. Hell Phoenix 1. wouldn't even have the cap space barring a house cleaning 2. wouldn't pay what other teams will.

They've just given away a solid young pg and a pick for afew months rental.

Pure stupidity, yet another STUPID trade by Phoenix. I thought things might change with Kerr out of the picture, apparently not.

I hope Dragic torches them every time they play

AB is a restricted FA, and Vince will be gone next year (buyout or trade) we'll be able to keep him, if they intend to keep him.

I liked GD too, but this isn't a bad deal. Radio (local) today talked about how the team had lost confidence in him not just the gm and head of basketball ops. Nash was getting pissed with the second unit and Goran for giving up leads.

like the link I posted said, it's a good fresh start for both players
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