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Default Re: Memphis Grizzlies Future

Originally Posted by Jasper
The curve ball this season as well as next is Battier - will he stay or move on ??
He's a great player , but with Gay filling that spot , I just don't see Battier playing a whole lot of {4}

thoughts ????

Conley's extension was weird in my book
Battier will be a great fill in until Rudy is 100% healthy. I could see him playing some of the 2 spot if needed once Rudy is back. We needed a good 3pt shooter and a defender and Battier is the embodiment of that. The Grizzlies will try to resign him and likely can, we got rid of Thabeets $5mil he was gonna earn next year. Once Rudy is back out bench is gonna be awesome.
Jason Williams, Tony Allen, OJ Mayo, Shane Battier, Darell Arthur, Hamed Hadaddi, Greivis Vasquez, Xavier Henry, Ishmael Smith, possibly Rodney Carney is they decide to keep him around but I doubt they will.
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