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Default Re: Good Bye Gerald Wallace ..Tribute MIX

Originally Posted by Quizno
man i miss him already

i don't like this trade at all. i'm definitely gonna be cheering for the blazers. still a cats fan though of course

why michael jordan whyyyyyyyyy

I've been talking about this with my patients all day and the more I think about it the more it's starting to make some sense. The first thing: who else were we going to trade? Jack? Too much baggage, no one wants him. DJ? Hendo?-No. They along with TT are our future.

Crash is/was my favorite player. A guy that gives it his all, plays above his potential, a great teammate, etc, but he has probably reached his peak in terms of what his body can take. The cats got the best years of his career out of him. By trading him now it can potentially become a win-win for both the cats and the blazers.

Jordan is going to go into the offseason with a young nucleus of DJ, Hendo and TT, a couple draft picks and about 20+mil in savings under the cap. I just hope he doesn't blow it.

btw, I'm going to the game tonight with my daughter and we usually both wear our #3 jerseys. I guess we'll check out the team store.
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