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Default Re: Good Bye Gerald Wallace ..Tribute MIX

Here's an interesting eye opener from Bonnell's blog:

By the way, did anyone noticed that after this deal, assuming the Bobcats don't excercise the options on Livingston and White (which they shouldn't), by the summer of 2012 they should have enough cap to sign 2 Max deal's and another decent contract (about $36-$38M in Cap space) in the summer of 2012. This is when: C. Paul, D. Williams, D. Howard & C. Kaman, among other can become Free Agents. There are also guys like: K. Hinrich, M. Pietrus, JJ. Hickson, A. Jamison, J. Terry, Nene H., C. Lee, D. West and other Tier 2 guys who will be Free Agents.
If the Salary Cap is around $60M in 2012 (which makes sense, depending on the new CBA), the Bobcats will have anywere between $36-$40M avaliable for that summer and that is assuming they pick the options on DJ and Henderson. Also, you can add the Mid-Level and Bi-Annual Exceptions if they still exist.
So basically they will have: Augustin, Henderson, Jackson (expiring) and Thomas, plus the ability of signing 2 Max deals plus another contract of around $4-$6M per season, and the exceptions. In addition, in the summer of 2013 they'll have an additional $15-$18M avaliable when Jackson, Diop and Carroll contracts expire.
If MJ and his Staff use this Cap Space and Picks wisely, this can end up being the best trade ever. And yes, I will miss G-Wallace, he was my favorite Bobcat and I wish him the best, but from a business perspective, this can end up being a great trade afetr all.
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