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Default 2/25/11 Knicks @ Cavs (L)

Today's game was inexcusable. We were being destroyed from top to bottom. How do we lose to this team twice? Let's not hit the panic button so quickly on our big 3 being a fraud, but begin to push buttons on removing our coach and our stragedy to winning games. Melo/Amare/Billups had a good game. Yes there should of been shots made by them but failed. Billups did chuck way to many threes but I rather have him do that then anyone on the team.

Let's talk about leadership. Billups single handidly got the Knicks back in the game. With baskets that were chucked behind the arc he made up for it by forcing fouls on the opposition. I think Chauncey did a B+ on leadership. What could of been done to improve his leadership? Being verbal and getting his team mates into it. Melo has no leadership or so from what I've seen in my perspectives. Amare seems to have little care with the way he's showing his emotions either from being technical prone or just the feeling being dominant by the leaderless cavs. Fields was awfully quiet. Did trading Felton hurt Fields because of transition being lacked in Billups's game? Seems like it. We can't continue to be blind and reckless/careless leaving defensive/offensive rebounds up for grabs. We were being bodied by people who should be having problems rebounding because were so "good offensively".

Enough said. Our coach has to go. Question is how Knicks fans? I love that were losing because it brings out our flaws that we have to work on but it's the fustration. What if we allowed someone like Sheldon Williams playing would this have helped? Mike has to seriously allow rotation. Balkman is good I see force on the court when he's there defensively. Another thing we have to work on is foul trouble. How did Billups pick up 2 quick fouls? Melo? We can't have that. Something that's been creeping me out is management not getting involved in removing the coach.


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