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Default Re: Memphis Grizzlies Future

I've come to this conclusion:
I think Marc and Zach will probably resign cheaper than expected to stay here especially with the team winning and assembling a solid roster. However I think the FA market will put Marc at around $8-10mil a year and I think we could sign Deandre Jordan at around $4-5mil for like 3-4 years. He is only making a little over $800K this year in the last year of his contract. If he go hard after him I think we could get him, and then use the extra money to keep Z-bo and Battier happy with their new deals. I really like Marc alot but he hasn't really stepped it up like I was expecting but he will have a lot of interest when it comes to FA.

Also Deandre Jordan would fit in with the style of the team alot better. Solid rebounder with strong putback and blocks. Besides Rudy Gay and sometimes Darell Arthur, we don't really have an athletic big man who can soar up there and get putback or alleyoops. Z-Bo with rebounding and finesse, Jordan with the rebounding and power. We don't need any more shooters on the starting team, like Marc likes to do just an athletic guy who can play defense and rebound and get dunks/easy buckets.
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