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Default Re: 2/25/11 Knicks @ Cavs (L)

Remember that Miami was 9-8 and everyone was pushing the panic button. The only time that guys of this ability and experience get to play with one another is in an All Star game or World Championship/Olympic games. Everything sounds good in theory with how they will work together BUT principles needs to be applied to make the theory work. I still say to give Shelden Williams more time since he is somewhat of a bruiser. The Knicks needs a space eater in the middle; someone that the other team has to put a body on for the purposes of keeping him from rebounding or scoring. Rony is energy; that's it. He is a rah-rah guy that will get you 4pts and 4rbs per game on average and I think that Shelden can give us more than that. Problem is that D'Antoni's philosophy is to outshoot and outscore you. How many times have you heard from him "We weren't making shots." or "If we make shots." You know a "Dennis Rodman" type of player would work in this system if he won't go traditional and likes to play STAT at the center position. The thing is that Dennis could guard PFs and Cs with no problem even though he was only 6'7' and 215 pounds.

Kenneth Faried????
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