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Default James Franco says Ricky Gervais bombed at the Golden Globes

In an E! News video interview, James Franco appears annoyed to learn that Ricky Gervais has penned a sample monologue for him and cohost Anne Hathaway to use on the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Sunday.
"He did his award show and he bombed. Why is he trying to get in on ours?" he tells reporter Jason Kennedy after Kennedy presents him with Gervais' jokes on camera.

"Horrible. His lines weren't good on the Golden Globes," Franco remarks as he reads some of Gervais' lines. "Why does he want to do our lines?"

Among Gervais' lines: He has Hathaway joking about being cast as Catwoman ("And I'm the new Catwoman. The first white woman to play that role since Michelle Pfeiffer. I want it to be an inspiration to all white people everywhere. Your dreams can come true in Hollywood too.")

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