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2000 was easily the worst draft ever. Michael Redd is, by far, the best player to come out of that draft and he's hardly an all-time great. Kenyon Martin is the 2nd best player and he's nothing too special. The 3rd best player is probably Jamal Crawford and after that it's nothing but flawed role players like Mason, Turkoglu, Miles, Magloire, Przybilla and Q-Richardson.

There were maybe 10-15 guys in that draft that you'd even want in your team's 10 man rotation. The draft will probably end up with 4-5 all star appearances as a group (Redd and Martin each have one and so does Magloire. Redd'll maybe go another time or two, but that will likely be it.). 2003 has at least 4 guys that will each get more than that and 2 of them figure to each at least double that total.
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