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Originally Posted by Pistol Pete
The Blue Jays only need one pitcher, and it doesn't have to necessarily be a marquee talent. I would assume that the current rotation looks like:

Ace: Roy Halladay
2nd: AJ Burnett
3rd: Gustavo Chacin
4th: Ted Lilly
5th: Josh Towers

I don't think that Towers really deserves the #5 slot after his performances, which is where someone like Janssen would step in and take over. If the Jays are able to acquire a #3 or #4 talent at the trade deadline, then Towers could be put in AAA or used in the Bullpen. I don't really feel like we need anymore help in pitching, we just need our guys to go out and get the job done. From there, the offense should be able to provide the necessary runs, to get the wins.
Replace Towers with Janssen or Taubenheim and the Jays got themselves arguably the best rotation in all of Major League Baseball. When everyone is healthy it's going to be something else.
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