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Default Re: Can Our Knicks Take the Heat in Tonight's 'Star Wars?'

Nice to see you back, oldknickfan.

Your blog was a good read.

Now as far the game tonite, I take it as a statement game.

I don't expect the Knicks to win, but I do believe they can.

They will have to collectively do some things like clogging up the lane.

If the back gets beat off the dribble or a screen, the frontcourt need to protect the paint.

We have three players who are in the very top of drawing fouls and that skill will be needed tonite.

Amar'e and Melo will have to be willing to move the ball, and do the simple defensive play.

Billups may not have the mismatch I'm expecting because I expect Wade to be on him and Chalmers on Fields.

Limit the turnovers and win the rebounding battle.

We have to get our offensive boards for sure.

Amar'e will need to play more in the paint, and let Melo operate on the wing to keep the floor spaced.

I really don't expect a blow out, and I hope I don't see one.
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