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Default Re: Farewell to the youngsters......

He was actin all bitter and bad mouthing the Knicks after the trade.He was the only one upset with the Knicks trading him.At the end of the day,we got one of the best players in the league.Anyone other than Amare shouldnt feel offended.It's common sense.Your a role player.It's a business.Grow up.Of the comments he made,the one that annoyed me the most is when he was like "I don't even wanna talk about it.Don't ask me anymore.Im not gonna go thru this all month.Im in Denver.Im there pg.They wanted me and the Knicks didnt want me." Dude get over yourself.Ask you all month? It was the day after the trade.WTF are they supposed to ask you?N Newsflash,you're not their pg. You're their overrated,bowlegged loser.
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