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Default Re: Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Says He's 'Not Bipolar but 'Bi-Winning'

Originally Posted by Riddler
you make that?

Dude... you seriously could have a genius marketing idea.

We could turn Charlie Sheen into Chuck Norris...

remember all those funny lines about Chuck Norris?... well what if we just used all THE GOLD Charlie gave us the past few days... and throw it all over some T-Shirts.

Women could have their own T-Shirts... "I'm on a drug - Charlie Sheen"

Hell we could even through in T-Shirts for the 9/11 crowd (trust me, they will buy it)

Genius Idea... only if we could capitalize on this.

no I found that on google real quick...

yeah, one could get rich off selling Sheen t-shirts, but you do run the risk of him sueing the shit out of you...
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