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Default Re: Knicks @ Magic (L)

I did not like our defensive rotations in the second half. Too many open shots and Orlando makes 9.3 threes per game on average, making 8 tonight. Defense on Dwight wasn't that bad considering that he only scored 13 points after the second quarter. What D'antoni should have done is subbed Fields out in the fourth quarter when Nelson was getting hot and put in AC on the switch to slow him down some. Chauncey kept getting beat off screens either by jump shot or dribble drive by Nelson; he had a hell of a fourth quarter. Melo settled for too many jump shots at times and should have moved to one block with Stat on the high post and vice versa. Ryan Anderson made four threes which hurt us and they were getting to the loose balls in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Seemed as though we got out of our game a bit with a couple of T's as well in the second half. Somone get Walker on the phone and tell him to drive the ball to the damn hole every once in a while. He is turning into just a jump shooter. Shawne Williams is doing the same thing; settling for too many jump shots. TD had a bad game too. Shots not falling and not attacking the basket. Fields is not moving without the ball as much as before. Since they run no plays for him, he needs to cut or use ball screens on the opposite side of the ball. Since JJ Redick plays no defense, I might have tried either RMJ or Andy Rautins just to spread the floor for a couple of minutes. Fields has a high IQ but we need a shooter at times on the floor in the 2 spot since TD was off. Looked at times that we were bunched up all on one side or down in the paint. This is one we should had gotten tonight and we let is slip away at the end of the third period going into the fourth...
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